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Heartgrind Gamingwear

For gamers, by gamers!


My name is Kim AKA Heartgrind.

I´m a gamer!

Always have, & always will be!

And my goals is to create a lot of cool stuff for all gamers like me to enjoy!

If you have any design ideas I would be very happy to receive them! Please email me at


The history of Heartgrind?

Besides being a gamer for life, I also have a long background in graphic design and web design and I love to create things that I am passionate about.

One day I wanted to get some cool gaming related t-shirts.

But I couldn´t find what I was looking for.

So I decided to make some myself.

Then I thought, maybe others like me would like to have these as well...

So then I decided to put it out there for others gamers like me to enjoy.


Why Heartgrind?

I have a strong belief that you can accomplish anything if you have HEART & GRIND.

Whit HEART I mean passion.

You got to have a lot of passion for what you do in order to dream big and set your goals high.

But in order to realize that dream, you need to work hard and tirelessly towards your goals!

And that´s what GRIND means!

You need to keep grinding no matter what!

So the name Heartgrind came naturally.

It´s simply my name for these actions combined.

It has also been my in-game nickname for years.